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Drain relining in Bournemouth

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Drain relining in Bournemouth

Mrs B called us with a concern that her drains were leaking causing damage to her property , we attended and Carried out a full CCTV survey of the property , we found that indeed the clay drains were leaking due to cracks along the entire length of the drain 22 meters !!

The drain ran underneath the house so drain excavation was not a viable option we provided mrs bowman with a full written quotation and she asked us to undertake the nesseacary  drainage repairs so we proceeded to removed all the scale stuck to the drain on the inside with the aid of high pressure water jetting (hpwj) and continued to use the drainage CCTV survey camera until we were happy that the inside of the drain was clear of waste .

Once the drain was clear we inserted the drain liner this is a ( no dig method) that basically inserted a new drain inside the old one , the drain lining material is only 3mm thick so you do not loose flow , the drain liner covers all the cracks in the drains and effectively changes the pipe from a clay pipe to a PVC pipe , all this was completed with the minimum disruption to the customer and saving a huge amount of money on the job compared to the costs involved in carrying out a drainage excavation .

If you would like to discuss any drainage issues you may have please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Please see the attached checkatrade feedback form for this job and more can be viewed at

Install new drains and reline drains under house.

“Extremely efficient, very good communication about what needed to be done and times taken etc.”


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