Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants, South EnglandA sewage treatment plant is a system that uses biological aerobic action to treat sewage . A septic tank is a holding chamber that separates solids from sewage to produce an untreated effluent.

Sewage treatment plants are now produced by a large number of different manufacturers. All of the systems are based on producing a final effluent quality significantly cleaner than that produced from a septic tank.

A sewage treatment plant can solve many drainage disposal problems when you are unable to connect to the main sewer. We can assess your individual site and advise if a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant would be suitable. There are often a number of factors to consider and from our wealth of experience we normally find that different schemes can be considered.

The quality of effluent from a treatment plant is much cleaner than that produced by a septic tank. If there is a low porous sub then a good quality effluent from a treatment plant may be necessary to discharge to a water course or other facility.

Sewage Treatment Plant, South EnglandA Klargester Biodisc septic tank is a basic system to use and if there is good sub soil permeability then a septic tank may be a better choice due to its simplicity.

With the growing awareness of our environment, more of our customers are preferring to install treatment plants. The risk of damaging your soakaway will also be reduced as you are discharging an almost clear effluent.

As independent installers we can offer a range of sewage treatment plants, some of the main manufacturers are Klargester, Titan, Clearwater & WPL.

Most major manufacturers are now producing treatment systems that meet the new European Standard EN12566-3.